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You won’t regret it….

I’d steadily been losing weight for about a year but had reached a bit of a impasse. This was a new beginning. I signed up for Insanity, i really enjoyed it and the weight started to shift again. I started feeling muscles on my legs. All the exercise with Annelies was starting to pay off so when she mentioned a more intense course for 6 weeks I thought I would give it a try.

It is SO worth it. The first week I couldn’t jog more than 300 metres - by the end I jogged 4.6 kilometres! I learnt new words - “active rest” being one of them. Over that 6 weeks I lost half a stone - 2 inches from my thighs, 2 inches from my hips and 1 1/2 inches from my “apron”. I also lost 2% of body fat and gained muscle. I really can’t thank Annelies enough for introducing me back to exercise without a boring gym. She is SO enthusiastic, motivating and she makes it fun. You don’t realise you can’t do things because Annelies believes you can…I am so much fitter and healthier. So let Annelies into your life for these 6 weeks - you won’t regret it.

Alicia 54

Steph, 40

40kg Tire

40kg Tire

My journey so far....Beginning of this year, I felt so fed up with how I looked and felt... it was time to make some changes....

I met Annelies Merrells, she is the instructor at the Trampoline Park. I basically broke down and asked her to help me..

I started with two PT sessions a week & started to feel better in myself physically and emotionally after 4 weeks and felt I could handle a lot more than I normally would. I didn't see any change in my weight but I changed mentally and started to sleep better.

I have a little boy with special needs and my daily routine can be quite challenging with a full time job also...... with exercise I felt I could cope so much better and felt alive.

I'm not good with change but Annelies as made me feel liberated and I feel I've found myself again…I now find the time for ME, more importantly I look after my Health and feel I'm doing something solely for me.

If you don't look after yourself, how can you look after anyone else...

Annelies is a great role model, motivational, energetic, supportive, great listener. So if you're thinking of changing your mind set and seeing the inches fall off, she's the one to go to!

When that weight doesn’t come off as fast as you want it to. Think.....Muscle V's Fat = inches/great mind/positive attitude same weight but different You!!

Kim, 33


I've been trying to lose weight for a while but never found the right diet or exercise. I then found about about FOCUS on ME. It was a 6 week programme with 3 sessions a week. It was so challenging but i kept pushing myself with the massive help from Annelies. She is a fantastic Personal Trainer and I can't thank her enough.

I really enjoyed it throughout the weeks and started to feel better within myself. I was eating better, sleeping better and doing a lot more exercise. By the end of the programme I managed to lose 8.3 inches from my body, my BMI came down and I'd built up some muscle. I am so happy with what I have achieved in just 6 weeks.

Thank you so much Annelies.

lost 1st mark

lost 1st mark

PT sessions after the FOCUS on ME programme

PT sessions after the FOCUS on ME programme

Stacey, 31


I signed up to this 6 week programme not really knowing what to expect. I had tried every other avenue of diet and exercise but nothing had worked.


Every aspect of it was hard but so rewarding. It was 18 sessions, 3 a week for 6 weeks. Every session was different. There was no time to get used to anything as you were always using and working different body parts of your body. Whilst one body part aches, you use another.

In my opinion Annelies is what makes it work. She is such a great Personal Trainer, keeps you focused every step of the way, never lets you give up and doesn't accept the word can't. She is tough but always supportive. Nothing is ever too much. I couldn't recommend this programme enough.

I lost a total of 12.2 inches from my body and i am finally focused. My attitude had changed a lot. I have more energy and i sleep better. I enjoy exercise, i never though i'd be saying that!

Thank you


I was nervous, but Annelies was so welcoming…

It had been 2 years since my boy was born and i had gained 2 1/2 stone and found it a struggle to get back into an exercise routine, juggling work and being a mummy & finding time for ME.

I saw a Facebook ad for FOCUS on ME and decided to give it a go! I was so nervous before the first session but Annelies was so welcoming and i soon felt at ease. As the weeks progressed the training became harder but Annelies pushed & motivated me and i soon started to love exercise again and got back into the routine of finding time for me.

After the 6 weeks i has lost 17 inches and 2kg & i felt like a new person mentally and physically. I have continued with the classes she delivers and even completed my first 5km run.

She’s an excellent Personal Trainer and her positivity & motivation is infectious, even after a hard session you come out smiling!

I have now managed to lose all my baby weight and am fitter than ever before. Thank you Annelies for helping me to find me again xxx