Class Package

£44 pm

Have unlimited access to all classes, even if more are added to the timetable, you pay £44….that’s only £11 per week for small group private classes with a professional instructor giving you the best possible workout.



MetaPWR is an amazing class format designed to work all major muscles in the body. Using resistance equipment such as battle ropes, power bags & slam balls, plus your own body weight, this class will make you stronger.

High intensity intervals followed by short rest will kick start your metabolism and set it on fire…

Burn calories for longer with that all important after burn!


HIITSTEP is the amazing new workout taking the world by storm. All you need is yourself and a step!

Using Clubland anthems this class is the ultimate workout for anyone wanting to shred body fat. Simple exercises using the step will soon get your heart racing and body moving.

Limited steps available, so booking is recommended.

This class is ran in 6 week block courses at £36 (for both days) £27 for one day or drop in at £5 if space is available.

dont be lazy hiitstep.jpg


cardio combat

This class will work on your speed, agility and allow you to blow off some steam whilst learning boxing drills with gloves and pads.

Jabs, hooks, duck and weave your way through this class working in pairs and small groups to get it done


MONDAY 18:00-19:00 MetaPWR


20:15-21:00 Cardio Combat

THURSDAY 19:00-19:35 Jump HIIT

(This class is at Jump Xtreme BOLTON Trampoline Park*)

20:00-21:00 FOCUS on ME group PT


All classes are £7 to drop in or you can buy 10 x class pass for £65.00 which is valid for 12 months after the purchase date

*Jump HIIT is a separate class with a different price and not held at AIM Personal Training, Walkden

I also deliver classes for Salford Community Leisure, find the timetable at